Capital Receipts Vs Revenue Receipts Know the Difference

revenue impact meaning
revenue impact meaning

In such cases it may be advisable with the Commissioner’s sanction to arrange if possible , for the service of a competent lady doctor for the personal examination of the widow. Jagirs shared by Jat Sikhs from the Manjha and influential local chiefs or families. When the Sikhs overran the country between the Sutlej and the Jumna, They found some chiefs and families who were to strong to be disposed. Hence we find among the Cis-Sutlej jagirs some large estates held by Rajputs like the Raos of Raipur or Pathans like the Nawab of Kunjpura. Some influential families were conciliated by being allowed to retain a share of the revenues of conquered villages . A case of the kind is that of the chaudhris of Kharar who have a seventh share of the revenue of 42 estates.

Obviously a deputy commissioners cannot manage with success the great committed to his care without an intimate personal knowledge of every part of it. Much of the work, moreover, that is carried on can only be effective supervised by him on the spot. Above all it is impossible to keep in touch with the people unless he seeks frequent opportunities of that informal and frank intercourse with them which is only possible in camp.

He sunk wells and planted gardens and if he was strong enough turned out existing cultivators who fell under his displeasure. They in their turn made grants within their own estates to the men who fought for them in the field or prayed for them at home. During 1940 to 1947, Excess Profits Tax and Business Profits Tax were introduced and their administration handed over to the Department .

There no doubt exists a distinction in kind between an estate in land an assignment of land revenue. But taking an assignment of land revenue as analogous to a pension. The State by the principles of English law has no inherent right to regulate or vary at its pleasure, after the assignment or the pension has been granted the order of succession in either the one case or the other . Nor is the Governor- General in Council satisfied that if such powers were assumed they would meet with the hearty approval of the jagridars. This was an easier mode of payment for the State than the regular disbursement of salaries or cash pensions and it was much more gratifying to the recipients. The amount which a jagirdar could take as the ruler’s share was only limited by his own judgment of the capacity of the cultivators to withstand oppression by force or to escape from it by detrain, and he enjoyed in practice most of the rights which we now regard as special evidences of ownership.

revenue impact meaning

As regards subordinate officials, there is usually no harm in making direct enquiries from respectable persons. But great care must be taken to preserve the dignity of an official of the rank of a tahsildar, and to question the people of his own tahsil as to his conduct would generally be indiscreet. But, if an officer is freely accessible to people of all classes, hints will be dropped and matters will be brought to his notice from which he can gradually form a very good idea of the estimation in which the tahsildar is held. Much information regarding the district lies ready to hand in the gazetteer and on settlement and assessment reports.

Under the Mahalwari system, the land revenue was collected from the farmers by the village headmen on behalf of the whole village . Under the Zamindari system, the land revenue was collected from the farmers by the intermediaries known as Zamindars. To cope with revenue Deficit, the government may either decide to curtail significant expenses or opt for an increase in its tax and non-tax receipts. The use of capital receipts for meeting the expenditure leads to inflation in the economy.

Recovery of LoansSometimes the company separates a part of the asset to recover the loans in future, as a result, it decreases the assets of the company. All than as, dispensaries and schools should be carefully inspected, and roads, rest-houses, sarais and encamping-grounds should be examined, and their condition noted. If there are co-operative societies their working should be enquired into. It should be recognized that newly joined officers are for at least six months merely pupils in executive matters revenue impact meaning and should have no independent responsibility. Where erosion is serious, whether in cultivated of uncultivated land, the result is the formation of board sandy nullahs, which are continually widening at the expense of the cultivated lands on both banks, and cause increasing devastation throughout their course. Although these torrents-such a torrent is called a chain the siwaliks and a has in the salt range-often take their rise in the hills, they usually get most of their water from cultivated lands.

Such cases are provided for by paragraph 2 of this office letter No. 447, dated 13th April 1881, published with Financial Commissioner’s circular No. This instruction was reproduced in the rules under the first Punjab Land Revenue Act, XXXIII of 1871. Definite directions have since been given for heresumption of Bedi and Sodhi revenue – free grants on the deaths of existing holders and grant of cash pensions to their male descendants, windows and daughters. These directions make the following rules, which were originally drawn up for the case of deceased Bedi and Sodhi pensioners.

Revenue Expenditure: Definition, Types & Example

Revenue ExpenditureRevenue expenditure is short term in nature and it includes normal day to day expenditure that takes place during the operational activities of a business and expenses that are incurred during the repair and maintenance cost of a revenue-generating assets. These are recurring in nature as it covers all the expenses related to repainting, renewal and regular maintenance of the fixed assets which is being used for generating revenues. To some extent, we can say that revenue receipts affect the profit and loss of the business and capital receipts don’t. For inspection work and the attestation of mutations in records, the estates of each tahsil are divided yearly between the tahsil date and the naib-tahsildar. The portions if the tahsil allotted should be changed every year on October 1st so that the responsibility of the tehsildar for the whole of his charge may not be impaired. It is within the direction of the deputy commissioner to postpone redistribution for special reasons, such as the prompt disposal of pending revenue work.

Instead, it is charged over a long period of time until you will use it using depreciation. Direct expenses are those costs that are incurred when goods and services are in the process of being produced. The costs that are incurred during the day-to-day operations that take place in the business are also direct expenses. For manufacturing companies, examples of direct expenses include the costs that are incurred for the conversion of raw materials to finished products or goods. Direct expenses also include costs such as electricity used during the production, wages paid to workers, legal expenses, rent, shipping-related costs, and freight charges.

What is revenue in simple words?

Revenue definition says that it is the total amount of money received from carrying out the business operations such as sales. On the income statement, it is also known as sales. It is the top line figure as it is shown first on the income statement of any company.

When a general reassessment is in progress, it is usual to give to the settlement officer all the powers of a collector under the land revenue act, except those which relate to the collection of revenue. Instruction as to the division of work between the deputy commissioner and the settlement officer will be found in appendix vi of the settlement manual. When an officer halts at the headquarters of a tahsil, he should inspect the tahsildar’s office. Every tahsil office should be thoroughly overhauled every six months.

How Profit and Loss (P&L) statements work?

In 1898 the Punjab Government proposed the amendment of section 11 of Act XXIII of 1871 so as to protect all assignments of land revenue from attachment. ( Punjab Government No. 86, dated 24th August 1989.) The government of India held that it would be enough to exempt those jagirs only in respect of which primogeniture has been, or shall be, declared to be the rule of descent. (Government of India No. 341-A 277.2, dated 9th February 1899.

revenue impact meaning

Revenue expenditure is a recurring expense that your business needs to spend every month or every few months. Revenue expenditure and capital expenditure are often confused for one another which makes understanding their differences even more vital. Revenue expenditure can be divided into two categories; direct expenses and indirect expenses.

Types of Revenue Expenditure

Should the Local Government not be prepared to give land or the grantee be unwilling to accept his reward in this form, the grantee will be given an assignment of revenue from any village or estate that may be selected . If an assignment of revenue be given such assignments will be for three lives only , the maximum amount of revenue assigned to the original grantee being Rs. 600 to the first heir Rs. 300 and to the next heir in succession Rs. 150. The method in which the assigned revenues are to be paid i.e, whether from the state treasury or by the land owners direct will be left to Local Governments to decide but the amount should be flexed in cash and not in terms of the land revenue. When the grantee is a landholder the assignment may take the form of remission of a specified amount of the revenue due from himself. (Government of India, Military Department, resolution No. 867-B, dated 27th February 1893. Also see paragraph 58 and of Financial Commissioner’s Standing Order No.7. He placed land revenues and taxes on commerce under the head of tax revenues.

What is revenue and example?

Revenue = price of goods or services × number of units sold or number of customers. For example, if a company sells 10 computers at ₹50,000 each, it could use this formula to calculate its gross revenue: Gross revenue = ₹50,000 × 10 = ₹500,000.

He contented himself therefore with making their tenure conditional on furnishing contingents of horsemen to reinforce in time of war that powerful army of trained foot solders which was the real foundation of his power. The same motives led him to leave to the Rajput Rajas of the hills and the powerful Muhamadan Chief of the western Punjab whom he brought under subjection some fragments of their ancient possessions in the shape of jagirs. A part even of the regular troops was paid by assignments of land revenue and he found it convenient to remunerate in the same way the great officers of the State and to make similar grants for the support of the ladies and the servants of his household.

It ended in the annexation of the Punjab and in the removal of the political reasons which had hitherto complicated the question of the amount of power to be left to the Cis-Sutlej Chiefs . The revenue were still to be theirs but were to be assessed by British officers and under British rules. The final step necessitated by the march of events was taken in 1852, when the revenue settlement begun for British villages in 1847 was extended to the villages of the Chiefs. Revenue expenditures are short-term expenses that are also known as revenue expenses and operational expenses .

Hon’ble Revenue Minister

These costs include taxes, employee salaries, depreciation, and interest. Repair and maintenance expenditures are also classified as indirect expenses. Even though they are not directly related to the final goods, indirect expenses support the efficient functioning of the asset, which in turn supports the efficient functioning of the company. Revenue expenditure is reported in the income statement of your business whenever the expense was incurred.

What is this revenue?

Revenue is the money generated from normal business operations, calculated as the average sales price times the number of units sold. It is the top line (or gross income) figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income. Revenue is also known as sales on the income statement.

No attention was paid to the country by the British Government , which had fixed the Jamna as the furthest limit for political enterprise and it is believed that profoundest ignorance prevailed both as to the constitution. The rights and the political strength of the supposed rulers. “The priestly classes have also every reason to bless their new masters. The shrines Dera Nanak Amritsar , Tarn Taran, Anadpur, retain a large portion of the endowments which a sikh Government had lavished on them.

Unwarranted suspicion may be as fatal as unwarranted confidence. These officers are the expectants of the collector’s orders, they must be in great measure, the exponents of his will, and should be to some degree his confidential advisers in cases of difficulty. It will be found good policy to consult these who are best able to give advice, and to weight their expressed opinions impartially and dispassionately.

  • Consequent on the abolition of the batoi jagir system the question of kasurs which were bound up with collections in kind was reconsidered.
  • There are also a number of executive proceedings regarding which his special orders required.
  • It was a natural deduction from this that Government had an inherent right to regulate the course of secessions from time to tome as occasion requires and so to maintain the capacity of the Jagridar to do public service .
  • The curve sometimes slopes downward from left to right; although there are some items and providers that exhibit an upward sloping demand, these goods and companies are characterized as abnormal.

Salt tax was an important source of revenue and it was collected at the place of its extraction. Gross profit is the profit a business makes after subtracting all the costs that are related to manufacturing and selling its products or services. You can calculate gross profit by deducting the cost of goods sold from your total sales. The formula used to calculate revenue could be simple or complex, it depends on the business. If we want to calculate product sales, then the average price of goods at which they are sold should be multiplied by the number of items sold.

Typically, a Deficit can be defined as the amount of money in a budget by which total expenses of a Government exceed its total earnings. Notably, the Deficit plays an essential role in determining the financial health of an economy. To elaborate, the lower is the gap between total earnings and total expenses, the better it is for an economy positioned in terms of finances.

What is the impact on revenue?

Net Revenue Impact means the aggregate value of any net increase or decrease in [Gross Revenues] reflected on an annual basis directly attributable to a [Compensation Event], less any lost [Gross Revenues] that can reasonably be mitigated by the [Developer] (excluding any mitigation of costs subtracted from [Net Cost …

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