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Critical studies such as medical cluster sampling is categorised ass and constituency data should never be conducted using cluster sampling. The advantages of cluster sampling, as was mentioned above, can range from the usage of less resources along with enhancing an overall feasibility of your study. A chosen topic might require information to be included from various sources. Besides, it’s easy to add extra elements in your research since groups represent a whole population.

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This sampling method is mostly used by market researchers to gather information about the clusters of the entire target population when they are unable to survey the entire population. To further build on the example of the study of soda consumption, let’s assume the city you are researching is a highly populous one like New York. In such a case, it’s probable that even after implementing two-stage sampling, you may not reach your desired sample size.

Step 2: Divide your sample into clusters

The overall process of cluster sampling involves selecting only certain units from the entire population. For this reason, this method requires fewer resources for the sampling process. The population is divided into subsets or subgroups that are considered as clusters, and from the numbers of clusters, we select the individual cluster for the next step to be performed. Market research, in this technique, a population is divided into clusters and these clusters are randomly chosen to be a part of the sample. Probability sampling techniques with different approaches to create and analyze samples. 2Figure 1 shows an example of cluster sampling and figure 2 shows an example of systematic sampling.


It would be difficult for the statistician to go to every investment bank and ask every employee about their educational background. When attempting to study the demographics of a city, town, or district, it is best to use cluster sampling due to the large population sizes. The researcher begins by first choosing a starting point from a larger population.

Cluster Sampling: Guide and Examples

Finally, the researcher adopts the simple random sampling method to choose research participants from the subsets. In this method, the researcher takes the single-stage method a step further to reduce the amount of sampling needed. If the population is in a random order, this can imitate the benefits of simple random sampling. Relatedly, in cluster sampling you randomly select entire groups and include all units of each group in your sample.

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You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. When creating market research surveys for geographical areas, it can get pretty expensive and time-consuming to attempt to survey a broad region. It helps you collect primary data from a vast, geographically dispersed population. Make sure that the population in each group is diverse and characteristics are distributed evenly. In this formula,Nis the total number of groups in a population while n represents a group in a sample.

✔ Select the way you want to collect data and conduct your research. Then, rather than study every investment bank, the statistician can choose to study the top three largest investment banks based on revenue, forming the first cluster. For example, if one cluster is significantly larger than the other, they can sway the results and trigger data disparity. Cluster sampling is pretty simple to pull off, especially if you adopt the one-stage sampling approach. It improves the quality of research data by providing access to diverse groups in the target population.

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On the other hand, content validity evaluates how well a test represents all the aspects of a topic. Assessing content validity is more systematic and relies on expert evaluation. Of each question, analyzing whether each one covers the aspects that the test was designed to cover. Content validity shows you how accurately a test or other measurement method taps into the various aspects of the specific construct you are researching. Convergent validity and discriminant validity are both subtypes of construct validity.

Difference Between Stratified and Cluster Sampling

Investopedia requires writers to use sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate.

selected clusters

You can also use regression analyses to assess whether your measure is actually predictive of outcomes that you expect it to predict theoretically. A regression analysis that supports your expectations strengthens your claim of construct validity. Statistical analyses are often applied to test validity with data from your measures. You test convergent validity and discriminant validity with correlations to see if results from your test are positively or negatively related to those of other established tests. Good face validity means that anyone who reviews your measure says that it seems to be measuring what it’s supposed to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the third stage, a few middle-class families will be selected and in the final stage, researchers will select working professionals out of these families. As you can see in our output that we collect data of 4 random employees which contain their employee_id and value. First, we create a sample variable and then assign it a sample of 4 random employees which acts as our data. We take an example of cluster sampling in which we take 1 to n natural numbers that will make clusters and from that cluster, we select the random individual clusters for sampling. One similarity that stratified sampling has with cluster sampling is that the strat formed should also be distinctive and non-overlapping.

The research methods you use depend on the type of data you need to answer your research question. The 1970 British Cohort Study, which has collected data on the lives of 17,000 Brits since their births in 1970, is one well-known example of a longitudinal study. Cross-sectional studies cannot establish a cause-and-effect relationship or analyze behavior over a period of time. To investigate cause and effect, you need to do a longitudinal study or an experimental study.

  • Thus, these events are entirely independent of one another, i.e., one event’s outcome has no impact on the other event’s result.
  • He or she would then survey all church members from those 50 churches.
  • We’re doing a sampling of data from the population because we cannot gather data from the entire population.
  • You are constrained in terms of time or resources and need to analyze your data quickly and efficiently.

In this method, simple random sampling is used to select elements from the selected clusters, further narrowing down to the desired sample size. One-stage sampling, also known as single-stage cluster sampling, is a method where every element within the selected clusters will become a part of the sample group. This is oftentimes not feasible if the target population is vast, and the clusters are too large to include fully.

Secondary units of a primary unit of cluster sampling are close together whereas secondary units of a primary unit of systematic sampling are separate. A third possible solution is to use probability proportionate to size sampling. In this sampling plan, the probability of selecting a cluster is proportional to its size, so a large cluster has a greater probability of selection than a small cluster. There is also multistage cluster sampling, where at least two stages are taken in selecting elements from clusters. Confident that each cluster is a smaller representation of the entire population? Then begin randomly selecting from the cluster to support the validity of your results.

No, the steepness or slope of the line isn’t related to the correlation coefficient value. The correlation coefficient only tells you how closely your data fit on a line, so two datasets with the same correlation coefficient can have very different slopes. These considerations protect the rights of research participants, enhance research validity, and maintain scientific integrity. Anonymity means you don’t know who the participants are, while confidentiality means you know who they are but remove identifying information from your research report. These actions are committed intentionally and can have serious consequences; research misconduct is not a simple mistake or a point of disagreement but a serious ethical failure. These data might be missing values, outliers, duplicate values, incorrectly formatted, or irrelevant.

Can be cheaper than other sampling plans – e.g. fewer travel expenses, and administration cost. It depends on the judgment of the experts when choosing whom to ask to participate. In opinion polls, agencies generally put questions to the people, like which political party are they going to vote for or has the previous party done any work, etc. So, to carry out opinion polls, polling agencies consider only the people who are above 18 years of age and are eligible to vote in the population.

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